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What’s new in Intype 1.0.1?
  • Fixed lags when loading bundles.
  • Fixed crash when disabling bundle entry.
  • Go to line (Ctrl+G) now shows the line in the middle of the screen.
  • Added link to manual to Help menu.
  • Fixed deadlocks in project updater.
  • Leaving distraction free mode now restores panel widths and visibility correctly.
  • In format string, \L and \U tokens are now not stopped by \l and \u.
  • Delete and Remove from Project in the menu is now separated to two items.
  • Added “Open User Folder” item to Help menu.
  • Added “Close tabs to right” to tab context menu.
  • Fixed opening read-only files with open dialog.
  • Project now sorts by name after renaming.
  • Removed asking twice when a folder in project is being deleted.

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