Advanced text editing

Get spoiled by well-balanced behavior. Enjoy smart select & edit, snippet insertion and management, auto-paired characters, fast syntax highlighting and code-coloring themes.

Extension bundles

Snippets, themes or even language grammars can be changed or added in the comfy extension editor. Don't feel like it? Intype already has support for several languages and technologies stuffed in: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Groovy, Rails, Python, Perl, Java and many more…

Project management

Manage your projects! Yeah, that's right! Intype allows you to keep all your projects and files at hand when needed. Don't need it? Just hit Ctrl+F9!

Optimized for speed

Unlike its developers, Intype is fast! It opens instantly, it has snappy responses. It just feels right.

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Volume discount available.

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